• Name: Jacqueline Hunter-Richard
    Subject: CTE/MSIT Academy
    Contact info: 336-771-4580

    MSIT Academy and Principles of Business and Finance

    Welcome 2013-2014


    Computer TechnologyI graduated from Winston-Salem State University, December 2001 with a degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Banking and Finance. I also received my Master from High Point University in Public Administration. I have three beautiful children name Danielle, Keir Jr. and Keirsten.  I have been with the WSFCS at Main Street Academy for eight years. Prior to teaching, I worked in Banking for 17 years and also with the City of Winston in the Department of Parks and Recreation in Accounting. My hobbies are cooking, traveling, and spending quality time with my family.
    Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher-Student in Microsoft IT Academies benefit from world-class Microsoft curriculum and cutting-edge software tools to tackle real-world challenges in the classroom environment. First part, students will learn to use the newest version of Microsoft Word interface, commands, end features to create, enhance, customize and share documents as well as create complex documents and published them. Then the second part the newest version of PowerPoint and the last part the version of Publisher to to create, customize and publish a publication. 
    Microsoft Excel and Access-Students will work with the newest version of Microsoft Excel interface, commands, and features to present, analyze, and manipulate various types of data. Students will learn to manage workbooks as well as how to manage, manipulate, and format data.  Second class will create and work with a database and its objects by using the new and improved features in Microsoft Access. Students will learn how to create, modify, and locate information as well as how to create programmable. 
    Principles of Business and Finance students will understand economic systems, economic conditions, and business in the global marketplace, understand the nature of business, which will relate to types of business ownership, leadership and management, production and operations, applications and issues of technology and understanding the responsible actions for conducting business. Along with Understanding role of marketing in business, principles of marketing and buying behaviors. The roles of marking in business that deals with fincanical planning, banking system, and understanding saving and investing options for clients. Last lesson understanding business credit and risk management, dealing with credit management and risk management and insurance.