• Welcome to The World of Technology at Konnoak

    DJ Brantley 

    Technology Facilitator

     There is no doubt that computer technology has had a  great impact on society and brought many technical developments with it. Computers has brought many changes to the way we live as individuals as well as members of societies and organizations. 

    As no difference at Konnoak Elementary School our job is to bridge the gap between technology advancement and international studies to enhance the learning experience in and out of the classroom.  


    I look forward to providing training and support to the staff on technology integration through, the North Carolina Computer/ Technology Skills Curriculum, the North Carolina Technology Competencies for Educators, and administrative applications. I will assists in identifying, acquiring, and maintaining hardware, software, and network products.


    I look forward to bringing my expertise of Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems in aiding parents, faculty, students, and staff to the best of my abilities. I look forward to a bright exciting year at Konnoak Elementary.