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    School Improvement Plan
    SIT By-Laws 
    The Walkertown High School School Improvement Team is comprised of elected representatives, standing members, parent representatives and student representatives.  The SIT provides leadership and a collaborative partnership forum for all school stakeholders.  The SIT is responsible for the School Improvement Plan, an ongoing, data-driven process to provide continuous improvement for our school. Minutes for our SIT meetings will be posted on this site throughout the year.  SIT meetings are open to all stakeholders. Decisions are made by SIT members through a consensus process.

    Walkertown High School 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan



    Jessica Bair-Epps-Chair

    Adam Carter- Co-Chair

    Julie Combs-Recorder

    Mark Kephart

    Dianna Harris

    Drew Bowman

    Alicia Sheets

    Lori Barlow

    Mary Shackleford

    Joshua Brooks

    Walter Johnson

    Ayonna Sutton-Chaplin 

    Patrick Velde

    Misty Walker

    Dr. Gray


    SIT dates/times/ location
    9/9 3:45pm media center(conference room)
    9/23 8am  media center(conference room)
    10/14 3:45pm media center(conference room)
    10/28 8am media center(conference room)
    11/11 Holiday
    11/25 8am media center(conference room)
    12/9 3:45pm media center(conference room)
    12/23 Holiday
    1/13 3:45pm media center(conference room)
    1/27 8am media center(conference room)
    2/10 3:45pm media center(conference room)
    2/24 8am media center(conference room)
    3/9 3:45pm media center(conference room)
    3/23 8am media center(conference room)
    4/13 spring break
    4/27 8am media center(conference room)
    5/11 3:45pm media center(conference room)
    5/25 Holiday

    Accessing Our Plan:

    Our current School Improvement Plan is located in the Indistar/NCStar system. This is a web based tool that guides our school improvement team in charting improvement and managing the continuous improvement process. To access the plan, please use the information below:


    Guest login: Guests16230 Guest password: Guests16230

    You can find a quick snapshot of our school goals by clicking on the “Mission/Goals/Selected Indicators” tab.

    You will find the most recent detailed version of our plan by clicking on the “Reports/WiseWays/Indicators & Rubrics” tab and then clicking on “Comprehensive Plan”.