• Applied Technology
    Name: Mr. Glover
    Contact info: pglover@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Phone Number: (336) 703-6735
    First Semester Schedule 
    Period Class Description Time


    1st Planning 8:55 - 10:25


    2nd Technological Design10:30 - 12:00


    3rdTechnological Design12:05 - 2:05


    4th    Engineering Design2:10 - 3:40


    Classroom Expectations: My expectations are simple! I am here to teach and the students are expected to conduct themselves as young adults and learn as much as possible according to their ability!
     I understand everyone is human and makes mistakes once in awhile but do not live with the mistake fix it!  Because average people make excuses about their mistakes, live mediocre lives, those that want to live a life of excellence never offer excuses  about their mistakes they just try to correct their mistakes!

    Rules/Regulations: My rules are simple as well! 
    1. Be on time!  
    2. Be Ready to Learn!
    3. Leave Everything else at the door!
    4. No  classroom disruptions will be  tolerated!
    5. Do the assigned task to the best of your ability!
    Grading Policy: 20% Participation, 30% Test, 50% Classwork
    Attendance: Necessary for Participation!