• Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools provides students with Google accounts which provides a myriad of tools for students to use for learning. These are best utiliozed using the Chrome Browser. Students have the ability to use Google Docs, Google Sheets (spreadsheet software), Google Slides (Similar to Powerpoint), Google Drive for online storage of almost any file type, and other web applications. The district also provides Google Classroom to teachers who choose to run learning experiences using the online learning management system. Our district learning management system, Haiku, also works with Google products.
    Using the Chrome browser click "Sign In" or use "Sign Into Chrome" using your WSFCS assigned student email address. The email format is the student's "username@wsfcsstudents.net." The Password for the Google account is the student number (the number they use at school to login to their computer account). Once signed in students can click on the apps grid (upper left corner) to access the Google applications. Anything created using Google Apps saves automatically to Google Drive. 
    Use of WSFCS Google accounts should be used for school related projects and assignments. Use is governed by the Acceptable Use Policy