Congratulations, Seniors!

    Your portfolio presentations were quite a success. Now it's time to prepare for our English IV NC Final Exam.
    Tuesday May 12, 2015 will be a fun review of what we have studied so far.
    Essential Question:
    How does the English Language evolve from Old English in Beowulf to the Elizabethan English of Shakespeare? 
    In order to answer this question, we will experience the sounds of Old English, Middle English and Early Modern English by reading a feature Article on theweek.com.
     by James Harbeck
     This is such a cool podcast. Thanks, James Harbeck!
    Wednesday April 8, 2015
    Thursday & Friday: Senior links to help you find your way to Canterbury with some inappropriate "Pilgrims"...
    Learn about The Middle Ages in 3 1/2 minutes.
    Click this link to find out where Chaucer's "Pilgrims" were going.
    Enjoy a stunning 3 minute "flying" tour of the cathedral.
    Study 4 minutes of hand drawn "Pilgrims" from the Canterbury Tales:
    That's about all I can give you that won't make me blush! What you find out about the raunchiest tales on your own is up to you! (Hint: The Miller and The Wife of Bath are both pretty risque. We'll focus more on the irony of the descriptions and character motivations in the General Prologue. )
    Graded Classwork:
    •  Read the adapted version of The Prologue out loud together, as a class.
    • Answer the comprehension questions.
    • Complete the graphic organizer on each character that is listed.
    These packs will be due at the end of class on Friday!

    Senior English: Monday 4/6/15
    Click this link to open your interactive copy of today's assignment. It has the links that you need to click. The Canterbury Tales
    Work in pairs at the computer to write the definitions of each "Word to Know".
    Open your SAS accounts, and explore The Canterbury Tales using the lesson code QL #874 .
    If you finish, click the links to find out what character is mentioned in item number 5. Write That character's name on the back of your page.
    Log into Discovery Education (4-4-4 sign in) ( password: spartans) and view Chaucer and His Canterbury Tales  from your student account.