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    "Future Business Leaders of America"



    1.) Are scheduled to take assessments surveying their knowledge and mastery of skills as specified in the North Carolina CTE Essential Standard.
    2.) Should attempt each question/prompt on the assessment.
    3.) Should bring two sharpened No. 2 pencils (for paper-pencil assessments) 
    4.) Should use school issued/approved graph paper, if applicable
    5.) Will be provided information regarding the use of calculators during the administration of NC CTE assessment.
    6.) Should not bring extra blank paper, dictionaries, reference books, textbooks, cell phones, mp3 players, cameras, smartpens, music, thesauruses, or computers to the assessment site.
    7.) Will be informed of any local and state policies regarding the use of assessment results.

    Please see individual course information for each subject below and located in the tabs to the left.  Project due dates, quizzes, testing dates etc. are listed on the course calendars for each individual subject.
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    Business Law

    Marketing - Strategic Marketing

    It is my expectation that each student will complete project and homework assignments by the due date given at the time of the assignment.  Exceptions will be made for illness etc. 

    Rules/Regulations: Please refer to student handbook.
    Grading Policy/Attendance: Please refer to the student handbook.
    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Norwood and I'm a CTE Business and Marketing teacher at Reagan High School in Forsyth County located in North Carolina, USA.  I currently teach Marketing and Sports & Entertainment Marketing I & II.  Last semester I taught Principles of Business & Finance and Business Law along with Marketing.  I was born in Bristol, CT and have a Bachelor of Science from Salem International University in Salem, WVA.  I have also completed comprehensive coursework at The University of San Diego and San Diego State University. I have worked in sales and marketing for several Fortune 500 companies including Fruit of the Loom, Inc. and PGI Polymer Group, Inc. My position with Fruit of the Loom Inc. was Regional Sales Manager based out of Los Angeles CA.  My territory was all of California and all states east to and including Texas.  My position with PGI Polymer Group, Inc. was Group Product Manager based out of Mooresville, NC and the corporate office in Charleston, SC.  PGI is the 3rd largest nonwoven company in the world.  My territorial responsibilities included the entire United States.  In addition, I interfaced with our European, Mexican, and Canadian divisions traveling internationally to our plants and customers throughout those countries.  My most recent position in business was Vice President Sales for The Royal Carolina Corporation located in Greensboro, NC.  RCC specializes in rotary screen print and the finishing of traditional and nonwoven fabrics.  My territorial responsibilities included the entire United States and Canada.
    I participated in a series of International Business Seminars throughout Europe and the Far East meeting with American and foreign corporations including Proctor and Gamble, BMW, Rolex, IMB, Digital, General Motors, Squibb, Cassa Di Risparmi, Nestle S.A., Krupp, WDR West German Radio & Television, Heineken, Algemene Bank Netherland, Amsterdam Stock exchange, and ABN Bank. The Asian countries included China, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The European tour included The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. The seminars were conducted by top level management executives that included an in-depth look at the management styles of American based companies and their foreign counterparts. Combinations of panel discussions and relevant product presentations were followed by lectures regarding the practical workings of corporations flourishing in a Global Economy.
    After living in Los Angeles, CA for sixteen years, my wife and I relocated to St. Louis, MO. We currently live in Lewisville, NC and enjoy spending time with family and friends. In addition to traveling, I enjoy tennis, outdoor water sports, singing, playing the guitar and piano.   Please visit my WIKI site.  I have listed the link to the site below.  I hope you enjoy the WIKI and find the links both educational and enjoyable.  I utilize this site to engage student learning and motivate our students as they learn about our global economy.  The interactive nature of Glogster and Podcasting are positive ways to increase student participation while introducing new technologies into my classroom setting.  Animoto and Blogger have been utilized in my classes with much success and continue to captivate and intrigue students in the educational process. These technologies add creativity and originality to otherwise mundane lessons. Planning with Animoto may be used to introduce content in an exciting way with music and templates filled with inspiration.
    WIKI:   https://sites.google.com/site/thomasnorwood76/
    I look forward to a great year at Reagan High School. 
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    Thank you,
    Mr. Norwood
    Ronald Wilson Reagan High School
    3750 Transou Road
    Pfafftown, NC 27040
    Phone: (336) 703-6776 | Fax: (336) 922-1752
    Hours: 8:55am - 3:40pm

    January 2019-20 - Updates

    This video was presented during our Global Economy and 21st Century review.
    Canada is the number one (1) largest trade partner of the United States. 
    Please click on the link below to view the Animoto video featuring Canada - Great Partner to the North.

    This video was presented during our Global Economy and 21st Century review.
    China is the 2nd largest trade partner of the USA. 
    Please click on the link below to view the Animoto video featuring China - Old & New.


    1.) The link below brings you to the WSFCS handbook for students and parents.  The handbook outlines all the information for both students and parents including expectations, grading, student life, academics, etc.
    2.) The following link connects you to the 2019-20 WSFCS Calendars.  This link details all school days based on the current schedule.  It also includes bell times, A/B days, and holidays.


    WSFCS Calendars
    3.) Please click on the following link to access Resources for Parents.  These pages detail all information pertinent to parents based on the current school year to ensure academic success.  The pages include additional links for summer school,  afterschool programs, college and scholarship links, early admission, exceptional children, publications, lunch menus, parent assistant which is a tool that allows parents and students to access student information through the Internet at work or at home, parent-teacher associations, psychological services, school social workers, supply lists for elementary, middle and high school, the Beehive which is a nonprofit website connecting people to educational tools and services, tutoring, transportation, and volunteers.
    4.) Please click on the following link to access the Reagan High School NC Report Card
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