• Name: Mr. Jeff Svehla

    Subject: 5th Grade - All Academic Subjects

    Contact info: 336–703-4235 or jjsvehla@wsfcs.k12.nc.us


                                          May  Newsletter                    


    Dear Parents and Guardians of Ward Elementary School,


    In this May newsletter, I wish to pass along several important updates and friendly reminders.


    End of Year

    The School year is almost finished!  I cannot stress enough how important it is for your child to come to school everyday. This is imperative for them so that they can succeed in their testing for EOG.


    Not only will we be going over new concepts for the Fourth Quarter – but we will review all concepts in every subject for the entire year that your child has been working on.



    News You Can Use

    In the classroom, the students have been working very hard on new mathematics concepts, learning about different systems of the human body, and studying how our country overcame conflicts during its history.


    Our class has also been working on informative/explanatory text and division of fractions!


    Some reminders:

    • Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th.
    • Volunteer Recognition is Friday, May 14 from 11:00a.m.-1:30p.m.
    • Parent Literacy Night is Friday, May 19th.
    • E.O.G. Pep Rally is Friday, May 22nd.
    • Memorial Day Holiday is Monday, May 25th no school.
    • E.O.G. Testing is on the 26th, 27th, 28th of May.
    • Field Day for 3rd -  5th grade is on Friday, 29th of May.


    Tests, Tests, Tests

     Test time is coming!  In the next few weeks, your student will be showing off all that they have learned during the entire year.  We’ve worked hard, and now it’s time for your student to shine.


    You can help them!  Here’s how:

    • Ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep before each exam
    • See that your child is on time for school
    • See that your child comes to school and check his/her folder daily


    These simple actions will help them to be rested and ready to do their best!


    My Door is Always Open

    As always, if you have any questions, never hesitate to call the school or to send me a note. I will return your call or respond to your note ASAP.


    Also, please feel welcome to visit at any time – to observe and/or to participate in our classroom activities.


     Once again I wish to thank you for all of your support and help this year!



    Mr. Jeff Svehla