• Name: Gregory Downing
    Subject: 8th Grade Science
    Contact info: gddowning@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Welcome to 8th Grade Science! I look forward to continuing your science education and preparing you for high school in a way that helps you feel prepared and successful. 
    I truly believe science is a topic of study that brings out what is interesting about every content taught in school.  Language Arts allows us to intellectually discuss science through research and collaboration.  What we know about the world around us has evolved throughout history and we continue to discover new ways to analyze our surroundings thanks to Social Studies.  Math gives us the proper lense through which we can calculate our place in the universe.  Science also provides the background we need to understand how our bodies work in P.E., it gives us the basis for accoustics in Music, and provides an understanding of how light reacts to bring the colorful world of Art into our minds and memories.  There are so many more ways that science is an integral part of our world - it literally holds the world together!
    I encourage you to check our team website frequently for updated science vocabulary as well as other pertinent information that will be made available to you throughout the year.