• Hand Activity:
    Outline your hand on a sheet of construction paper. Answer the questions below - one question on each finger
    Outline your writing using ink, color/decorate your paper hand and lastly cut it out.
     Don't forget your name!  
    1) Who Inspires You? (Just the name is fine) 
    2)  If you were to work in a store right now, what store would it be?
    3) List three words that describe you
    4) What would you like your superpower to be?
    5)  Your favorite... (food, word, flower, activity, etc.) 
    Parents and Guardians: If you are not able to join us at Open House this year,
    please take about 5 minutes to complete our
    TEAM Parent/Guardian Information at the bottom of this page.
    (You do not need to fill out this form twice.)  
    Thank you so much! We greatly appreciate your time!
    We are excited about getting to know you and your students this year.
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