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     Earth and Environmental Science and Global Science Issues (GSI)
     Contact info: bamaratta@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    Earth and Environmental Science:
    Quarter 1:
    Earth's role as a body in space            Chapters 28-31
    Geology                                                  Chapters 4-8 and 17-19
    Hydrology                                              Hydrology Chapters 9-10 
    Quarter 2:
    Meteorology                                                 Chapters 11-13
    Climate with Biomes and Biodiversity      Chapter 14
    Earth's resources and energy sources       Chapters 25-27 
    Global Science Issues teaches many science concepts through inquiry and investigation, discussions and research. The course will introduce students to multiple current science issues that combine scientific, environmental and social dilemmas of our time.  Students will research and discuss practical methods of sustainability and current scientific issues impacting the human race.