•            Name: PATRICIA WILLIAMS 
           Position: Hospital/Homebound Teacher, Exceptional Children, grades K - 12                                                  
    Contact info:  pewilliams@wsfcs.k12.nc.us       Cell: 336-462-1435
                        HHEC (Hospital/Homebound Educational Center)
                               2020 E. 12th Street
                               Winston Salem, NC  27101
                            Cell Number: 336-462-1435 
                            Office phone: 336-703-4250
                               Fax phone: 336-727-2788
                         Interoffice mail: HHEC, Patricia Williams
                         Supervisor:  Mrs. Peggy Dickey, 727-2751 pdickey@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
             Power School Manager: Ms. Julia Starkey, 727-2751 jwstarkey@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
     WELCOME                                                                                         WELCOME                                                                                      WELCOME
         My name is Patricia Williams. I work as a Homebound Teacher and I love it.  Previous to this, I taught a self contained classroom with students who have disabilities.  My degree is in Exceptional Children.  I have a passion for people with disabilities.  I suspect this comes from having siblings with disabilities that I continue to work with and enjoy very much.
           My specialties are working with parents and students to advocate for the student with school staff and peers.  Also, I love working with students who do not communicate well because they are nonverbal or unorganized in their lives.  Many times I can learn the language of the individual and make materials so he/she can communicate to others.  If you have a particular question or interest, let me know and we can work on it together.  Many materials are available now for public use and are easily purchased or made.  Please contact me for specifics.
    Classroom Work:  All work can be used on a daily basis.  I encourage this.  If something breaks or gets torn, let me know.


    • Please let me know of any concern you may have.  If we cannot or do not get it taken care of,  Ms. Peggy Dickie, my supervisor will help.


    • Typically, grading is done by his/her home school.  
    • When applicable, IEP's will always be focused on.
    • Data collection is used with each session.
    • Progress reports are generated as per the teacher's home school request.  Reports reflect data collected within that time frame.


    • Attendance is reported weekly to the school by me.
    • When a session is missed due to an illness or appointment for the student, it is counted as an excused absence.  A written note is required to excuse this absence.
    • When a session is missed without an accountable reason, it is counted unexcused.
    •  An excused absence requires a written note from the parent or doctor stating he/she was sick or had an appointment.  Failure to give a written note can cause this to turn into an unexcused absence.
    • An unexcused absence can be a no-show or an absence without reason or an absence without a note, etc.      

       I look forward to working with you.  If you have questions or concerns, please call or email. 

    Patricia Williams