•                                                                                   Visual Art
                                                  Art Supplies

    Welcome! Students will come to art with their class once a week for 45 minutes. We will explore a wide variety of mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, clay, printing, mixed-media collage, and weaving. We will learn what it means to think creatively and problem solve. We will learn about famous artists throughout the year and even create artwork inspired by their style of art. 

    Art Room Expectations:

    -Bring a shirt to wear over your clothes

    -Enter the room quietly

    -Raise your hand to ask a question

    -Keep your body to yourself

    -Share supplies and ideas

    -Speak in a classroom voice

    -Respect OUR room, supplies, and ideas

    -We clean up our messes


                                                                                    Ms. Stephanie Chambers