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    P     Positive
    B      Behavior
    I        Intervention and
    S     Support
    This section includes information about the PBIS program and how you can help ensure your student's success at school and at home. The implementation of PBIS is designed to be completed in stages. 2012-2013 was the first full year of implementation for Kernersville Elementary.  We mastered Tier 1 and implemented Tier 2 during the 2016-2017 school year.  We are looking forward to continuing the new skills we learned and mastering them as we move forward.   
    If you are new to our school or simply need a refresher please refer to the brochure at the left. One of the key components of PBIS is Universal Expectations.  Having a common school-wide set of behavior expectations (also known as ROAR Core Values) helps children quickly master the skills and turn their attention to academics.  Visitors to our school often remark on how well behaved our students are.  We are so proud of our students and encourage you to come see for yourself.  The Universal expectations also include staff, parents, mentors and other visitors to our school.  We are all working together to provide the best education for our children. 
Last Modified on June 27, 2018