• Name: Christopher Walsh
    Subject: Language Arts
    (336) 703-4255
    Room 704
    Classroom Expectations: There is only a single rule for my students -- Be eleemosynary to everyone in our classroom community. [Ask your child ....]

    Welcome to Kernersville Middle School for your 7th Grade year

    My name is Mr. Walsh, and I am looking forward to sharing this school year with you – a complete team

    takes a trinity to be successful: parents, a focused student and a hard-working teacher who strives to be  

    inspirational. This year will be exciting and fun, yes, but also meaningful and purposeful. If you have any

    questions, please contact me through the school at (336) 703-42556 or by email at



    Materials Needed:

    Binder (Any size)
    Lined paper                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pencils or Pens                                                                                                                                                                                                                 index cards plus one baggie 

     (magic markers are suggested)
     A powerful imagination and willingness to work as a team!!!

    Binder – Journals must be brought to class every day. All homework, tests and project

    dates must be recorded in your Planers. You must have some sort of notebook for Write Into the Day

    exercises, notes, classwork, graded papers, etc.


    Classwork (CW)-When CW is given, it is your responsibility to complete assignments IN CLASS.

    Graded CW assignments must be completed in class and turned in on time or points may be lost. If

    classwork needs extended time and it is completed for homework, I will still consider the assignment

    on time. It is your responsibility to finish all work in a timely manner. Late work is unacceptable! One day late

    results in 10 points deducted from the grade. An additional 10 points will be deducted if the assignment

    is two days late.

    Tests/Projects-Tests will be announced in advance. Projects will be assigned throughout the year

    and you will be given plenty of time to complete them.


    Grading Policy:

    All English / Language Arts assignments will be out of 100 points. Projects will typically include more than one graded part, resulting in more than one grade per overall project.

    Breakdown of the Grading System:

    Classwork  30%

    Projects  30%

    Tests    30%

    Homework 10% 

    100-90   A       

    89-80   B       

    79-70   C       

    69-60      D       

    Below 60  F       


    Absences/Make-up Work:

    If you are absent from class, you are expected to make up missed work. When you return, you are to

    check the Assignment Board and Team Website  for missed assignments.  If there is any confusion, or

    you are unsure, ask  me! Make-up work is your responsibility; however should you have any questions

    or need help, please ask me!  You will have as many days as you were absent to make up work and still

    receive  full credit. Late work will results in 10 points off for every day late day. All assignments can be

    made up at any time for a 50% or more, depending on the assignment.