• Name: Christian Borkowski
    Subject: Civics and Economics Honors and Seminar Honors
    Room: 326
     This section will survey the foundations, structure, accomplishments, and problems of the American governmental and legal systems.  The student will gain a basic understanding of the governmental, political, and legal processes and of the various influences on the economy.  The student will then be enabled to utilize this understanding to his/her economic benefit and will be encouraged to participate fully in the democratic process.  In addition, the student will judge the merits of our system and evaluate its merits and faults and provide suggestions for improvements.



    Theory of grading – grades are earned based upon the students’ understanding of the objectives.  Grades are ONLY used to measure student competency and mastery of the subject.  They are NOT to be used to compare students with each other.


    Semester grades are calculated according to the formula set forth by Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

    1st Quarter – 40%

    2nd Quarter – 40%

    Semester Exam – 20%


    A unit test will be given following completion of each unit.  This will account for 70% of your quarter grade.  Announced and unannounced quizzes will be given during the semester.  The average grade on these quizzes, written assignments and graded classwork/homework will account for 30% of your quarter grade.  All work for the first quarter must be completed by the end of the quarter.


    Quarter grades will be calculated as follows:

    5 Unit Tests – 70%

    Quizzes/homework/other - 30%