US HISTORY/World History



    Ronald Wilson Reagan High School

    Teacher: Josh Cutshaw (wccutshaw@wsfcs.k12.nc.us)


    Required Text

    “United States History”—This will be provided by me.

     "Human Legacy" - This will be provided by me.

    Course Description

    The focus of this course provides students with a framework for studying political, social, economic, and cultural issues, and for analyzing how these issues have impacted American society. Students will develop higher level thinking skills and make historical assessments and evaluations.



    1.         All school rules apply

    2.         Bring books and notebooks every day

    3.         Treat classmates and teacher with dignity and respect

    4.         NO cell phone use inside the classroom


    If we work together to meet these expectations, our class will be a place for learning, respect, and fun. If a student refuses to cooperate with these guidelines, the teacher reserves the right to take actions (conferences, calls home, ISS, administrative action, etc.) in order to protect the teaching/ learning process.



    ·        Tests and major projects—50%

    ·        Daily Grades(homework, class work, presentations)—30%

    ·        Notebook—20%


      A ring binder style notebook with 3 dividers is required. It will be to your benefit to keep your notebook organized and neat. The following organizational style is required:


        Section 1 -- Warm ups

         Section 2 -- Notes

         Section 3 -- Daily work



    Grading System

    93-100=A, 85-92=B, 77-84=C, 70-76=D, 0-69=F



    No late work will be accepted. If you are present in class and do not have your homework then you do not get credit. 


    Make-Up Policy

    1. If you are absent, upon your return you must get notes from a     classmate.

    2. If you are absent, upon your return you must get homework   assignments from the board and from the teacher.

    3. If you are absent, upon your return you must schedule make-up tests     or quizzes A.S.A.P


    «It is the responsibility of the student to get make-up work if class is missed.    



    Through the first semester, I will be available for tutoring on Wednesdays after school. I will inform you of my second semester tutoring day(s) when that term begins. I may also be available some mornings if prearranged.


    North CarolinaGoals and Objectives


    Competency Goal 1

    The New Nation (1789-1820) - The learner will identify, investigate, and assess the effectiveness of the institutions of the emerging republic.



    1.01Identify the major domestic issues and conflicts experienced by the nation during the Federalist Period.

    1.02Analyze the political freedoms available to the following groups prior to 1820: women, wage earners, landless farmers, American Indians, African Americans, and other ethnic groups.

    1.03Assess commercial and diplomatic relationships withBritain,France, and other nations.

    Competency Goal 2

    Expansion and Reform (1801-1850) - The learner will assess the competing forces of expansionism, nationalism, and sectionalism.



    2.01Analyze the effects of territorial expansion and the admission of new states to theUnion.

    2.02Describe how the growth of nationalism and sectionalism were reflected in art, literature, and language.

    2.03Distinguish between the economic and social issues that led to sectionalism and nationalism.

    2.04Assess political events, issues, and personalities that contributed to sectionalism and nationalism.

    2.05Identify the major reform movements and evaluate their effectiveness.

    2.06Evaluate the role of religion in the debate over slavery and other social movements and issues.

    Competency Goal 3

    Crisis, Civil War, and Reconstruction (1848-1877) - The learner will analyze the issues that led to the Civil War, the effects of the war, and the impact of Reconstruction on the nation.



    3.01Trace the economic, social, and political events from the Mexican War to the outbreak of the Civil War.

    3.02Analyze and assess the causes of the Civil War.

    3.03Identify political and military turning points of the Civil War and assess their significance to the outcome of the conflict.

    3.04Analyze the political, economic, and social impact of Reconstruction on the nation and identify the reasons why Reconstruction came to an end.

    3.05Evaluate the degree to which the Civil War and Reconstruction proved to be a test of the supremacy of the national government.

    Competency Goal 4

    The Great West and the Rise of the Debtor (1860s-1896) - The learner will evaluate the great westward movement and assess the impact of the agricultural revolution on the nation.



    4.01Compare and contrast the different groups of people who migrated to the West and describe the problems they experienced.

    4.02Evaluate the impact that settlement in the West had upon different groups of people and the environment.

    4.03Describe the causes and effects of the financial difficulties that plagued the American farmer and trace the rise and decline of Populism.

    4.04Describe innovations in agricultural technology and business practices and assess their impact on the West.

    Competency Goal 5

    Becoming an Industrial Society (1877-1900) - The learner will describe innovations in technology and business practices and assess their impact on economic, political, and social life inAmerica.



    5.01Evaluate the influence of immigration and rapid industrialization on urban life.

    5.02Explain how business and industrial leaders accumulated wealth and wielded political and economic power.

    5.03Assess the impact of labor unions on industry and the lives of workers.

    5.04Describe the changing role of government in economic and political affairs.

    Competency Goal 6

    The emergence of theUnited Statesin World Affairs (1890-1914) - The learner will analyze causes and effects of theUnited Statesemergence as a world power.



    6.01Examine the factors that led to theUnited Statestaking an increasingly active role in world affairs.

    6.02Identify the areas of United States military, economic, and political involvement and influence.

    6.03Describe how the policies and actions of theUnited Statesgovernment impacted the affairs of other countries.

    Competency Goal 7

    The Progressive Movement in theUnited States(1890-1914) - The learner will analyze the economic, political, and social reforms of the Progressive Period.



    7.01Explain the conditions that led to the rise of Progressivism.

    7.02Analyze how different groups of Americans made economic and political gains in the Progressive Period.

    7.03Evaluate the effects of racial segregation on different regions and segments of theUnited States' society.

    7.04Examine the impact of technological changes on economic, social, and cultural life in theUnited States.

    Competency Goal 8

    The Great War and Its Aftermath (1914-1930) - The learner will analyzeUnited Statesinvolvement in World War I and the war's influence on international affairs during the 1920's.



    8.01Examine the reasons why theUnited Statesremained neutral at the beginning of World War I but later became involved.

    8.02Identify political and military turning points of the war and determine their significance to the outcome of the conflict.

    8.03Assess the political, economic, social, and cultural effects of the war on theUnited Statesand other nations.

    Competency Goal 9

    Prosperity and Depression (1919-1939) - The learner will appraise the economic, social, and political changes of the decades of "The Twenties" and "The Thirties."



    9.01Elaborate on the cycle of economic boom and bust in the 1920's and 1930's.

    9.02Analyze the extent of prosperity for different segments of society during this period.

    9.03Analyze the significance of social, intellectual, and technological changes of lifestyles in theUnited States.

    9.04Describe challenges to traditional practices in religion, race, and gender.

    9.05Assess the impact of New Deal reforms in enlarging the role of the federal government in American life.

    Competency Goal 10

    World War II and the Beginning of the Cold War (1930s-1963) - The learner will analyzeUnited Statesinvolvement in World War II and the war's influence on international affairs in following decades.



    10.01Elaborate on the causes of World War II and reasons forUnited Statesentry into the war.

    10.02Identify military, political, and diplomatic turning points of the war and determine their significance to the outcome and aftermath of the conflict.

    10.03Describe and analyze the effects of the war on American economic, social, political, and cultural life.

    10.04Elaborate on changes in the direction of foreign policy related to the beginnings of the Cold War.

    10.05Assess the role of organizations established to maintain peace and examine their continuing effectiveness.

    Competency Goal 11

    Recovery, Prosperity, and Turmoil (1945-1980) - The learner will trace economic, political, and social developments and assess their significance for the lives of Americans during this time period.



    11.01Describe the effects of the Cold War on economic, political, and social life inAmerica.

    11.02Trace major events of the Civil Rights Movement and evaluate its impact.

    11.03Identify major social movements including, but not limited to, those involving women, young people, and the environment, and evaluate the impact of these movements on theUnited States' society.

    11.04Identify the causes ofUnited States' involvement inVietnamand examine how this involvement affected society.

    11.05Examine the impact of technological innovations that have impacted American life.

    11.06Identify political events and the actions and reactions of the government officials and citizens, and assess the social and political consequences.

    Competency Goal 12

    TheUnited Statessince the Vietnam War (1973-present) - The learner will identify and analyze trends in domestic and foreign affairs of theUnited Statesduring this time period.



    12.01Summarize significant events in foreign policy since the Vietnam War.

    12.02Evaluate the impact of recent constitutional amendments, court rulings, and federal legislation onUnited States' citizens.

    12.03Identify and assess the impact of economic, technological, and environmental changes in theUnited States.

    12.04Identify and assess the impact of social, political, and cultural changes in theUnited States.

    12.05Assess the impact of growing racial and ethnic diversity in American society.

    12.06Assess the impact of twenty-first century terrorist activity on American society.




    US History Suggested Pacing

    1st6 weeks

    Goals 1, 2, 3 and 4


    Territorial Expansion


    Civil War


    The West

    2nd6 weeks

    Goals 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9




    World War I


    3rd6 weeks

    Goals 10, 11 and 12

    World War II

    1950s to the Present