• Name: Barry Stevenson   
    Subject: Social Studies Teacher Icons Team
           I am very excited about this upcoming school year, as I hope you are!  This will be my eleventh year teaching (my fourth here at Jefferson).   U.S. History is my favorite subject to teach, so I am looking forward to what all we will be learning about throughout the year.  We will complete many hands on projects during the year, and I may be sending home information regarding special requests for different supplies. 
        When not at school I enjoy cycling, flyfishing, hunting and spending time with my wife and daughter.  I received my Bachelors of Arts in Education from the University of Akron, and my Masters in Arts in Social Studies Education from Appalachian State University.  I have received two National Endowment for the Humanities Summar Scholarships to study American History.  I spent a week in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming studying the culture and history of the Lakota Sioux Native American Tribe.  I also spent a week in Eastern North Carolina participating in a project called Crafting Freedom.  Crafting Freedom was a project that discussed how slaves here in North Carolina were able to establish their freedom through a variety of methods. 
       As a class, we will be using an online resource this year called Edmodo.  It is an excellent, and secure, resource for teachers to communicate with the class outside of the standard school day.  We will be having some online quizzes and tests, as well as assignments that will be available on the edmodo pages.  Access to the website can be found here  https://wsfcs.edmodo.com/home#/