Wishing everyone a great summer.  Congratulations to the 8th grade class of 2015 - 2016!  Looking forward to the class of 2016 - 2017.
    Looking for some math to work on over the summer?  Go to mathisfun.com.  This is a very user-friendly site and does an excellent job on explaining the basics of the concepts of middle and high school math.
    Have a great summer! 
    Name: Thomas A. Hinton   
    Subject: Math - Math I and 8th Grade Math
    Welcome to Math I and 8th Grade Math for 2015- 2016.  This class is designed to make math simple and fun, while being challenging at the same time.  For this to happen, however, students must do the following:
          1.  Come to class on time.
          2.  Come prepared to learn.
          3.  Pay attention in class and focus on the task at hand.
          4.  Do all homework and other assignments.
          5.  Work collaboratively in a team environment
          6.  Ask questions about the things you don't understand.
          7.  Respect yourself and others.
          8.  Not be afraid to be wrong.  This is math class and everyone is going to make mistakes.
    Classroom Necessities
           1.  Math Notebook (3 - ring binder)
           2.  Composition Book
           3.  Supply of pencils with erasers
           4.  Notebook paper
           5.  Graph paper
           6.  Calculator (for use at home for homework)
           7.  Internet access at home (if possible)
           8.  Mobils device (if possible)
    Basic Classroom Rules
    1.  No talking when Mr. Hinton is talking.
    2.  Keep hands and feet to yourself,
    3.  Dress appropriately according to SMOD.
    4.  Young men are to have their pants pulled up.  NO SAGGING!
    5.  Hats, headbands, and hoodies are not allowed!
    6.  Cell phones, ipods, and other electronig devices are to be used only when instructed by Mr. Hinton.
    7.  All students will be held accountable for their actions.
    These rules are introduced and implemented on the first day of school and all students are expected to abide by them.  Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns.
    Tests will be given on Friday.  A sample test will be handed out on Wednesday and is to be done for homework that night.  On Thursday I will go over the sample test in class and answer any questions and address any difficulties students are having.  On Friday, students will take the test that will count as a test grade.  Test questions will be a direct reflection of homework and class assignments.
    Homework will be assigned Monday - Thursday. 
    Grading Scale
    A   90 - 100
    B   80 - 89
    C   70 - 79
    D   60 - 69
    F    59 and below
    T. A. Hinton   
    Math I and 8th Grade Math Instructor