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    Ms. Darville-Zuk, NBCT
    Encore Reading Teacher
    Wiley Middle School
    Nov./Dec. 2015
    We are well into the 2nd quarter. Yippee!
    The goal of this unique class is to offer targeted support for students who may need additional strategies to use in the area of reading. Over 80% of the students who took this course last year showed learning growth in the area of reading on assessments, including the EOG (End of Grade) for Reading.
    If students come to class with an open mind and apply the strategies taught, they will be extremely proud of their growth by the end of the school year.
    Reading is much more than "saying the words on the page," and this course, which I've personally designed based on over 22 years of teaching expertise in the area of literacy, is focused on all the factors which influence reading growth: decoding multisyllabic words, fluency with reading prosody, vocabulary strength (emphasizing Greek and Latin roots), comprehension strategies specifically for fiction as well as non-fiction, and the all-important element - MOTIVATION!
    Each of my classes is on the A/B rotation schedule, so attendance is key. I will only see each class 2 or 3 times per week, and it is vital that all students are present to get the most benefit from the flow of the spiraling instruction.
    Here's to a great school year!
    Ms. Darville-Zuk, NBCT