• Grading:   

    Grading occurs on a 1-4 scale in which 1 is the equivalent of 0-25%, a 2 is the equivalent of 26-50%, a 3 is the equivalent of 51-75% and a 4 is the equivalent of 76-100%. 


    Classroom Expectations:  The following is a list of our class expectations:

    1.  Listen, think, and then speak your mind. (Think before you speak.)

    2.  Make good choices. Who does it benefit?

    3.  Treat yourself and others with kindness and respect!

    4.  Raise your hand to speak.

    5. Keep hands and other body parts off and away from others.

    6. Walk in the classroom…you can run outside!

    7. Turn in work on time.

    8. No Cheating.  Do your own work.

    9. Respect our classroom rules! 


    Positive Behavior System:

    For the 2015-2016 year we are using eagle bucks as rewards.
    *Eagle Bucks are ways students can individually earn "money" because of positive behavior. Eagle bucks can be exchanged for items on the eagle cart, classroom rewards (such as line leader for the day) and school wide incentives (such as mini field days, movie incentives, dances, and even incentives where the students vote for what they want)
    Discipline System: 
    The strike system! Just like in baseball, we are a team and we want to see one another succeed. Strikes are given when students may have been given an excessive amount of verbal or non-verbal warnings for behaviors that interfere with the learning.

    1 strike: Warning

    2 strikes: Warning

    3 strikes: You're out (silent lunch) or independant recess (you still get to play, but independantly)

    Any warning after lunch will include independant recess.

    The students will have opportunities to earn strikes back if they can show a change in behavior, but it takes responsibility to go back. Students reflect upon behavior and how they will handle that situation in the future. This is reflection time in which they have lost privileges to have FREE time.

    Student’s Responsibilities:  The following is a list of your child’s responsibilities;

    1.       Put your name, date on assignments

    2.       Unpack everything from your book bag each morning. Closets are turned around every morning at 9:00. If students have snacks for the day, they need to get them out prior to 9:00 and put them on top of the cabinet. If they forget a snack in the closet after it has been turned around, they may not get the snack until recess time at 2:30. This reminds students to be responsible in the morning. They do have opportunities to eat their snacks, however. We pack up right before recess and the closets are turned back around. Any snack that has been left in the closet is now available to be an afternoon snack for them. 

    3.       Complete and turn in all classroom and homework assignments on time! Students receive one eagle buck daily if they complete all homework assignments AND have their agenda sheets signed by a parent or guardian. 

    4.       Have sharpened pencils before class begins in the morning.

    5.       Pack everything you need for homework in your book bag at the end of the day.

    6.       Keep your desk neat!