Walkertown High School

    Student Government Association
    "We, the students of Walkertown High School Student Government, are to be known as student officials for the school. The Student Government is for students who can be good representatives for the school, maintain good and moral values, and can maintain good academic achievements. This organization should emphasize good scholarship, respect and responsibility."
     Student Body President: Mason Heavener
    Student Body Vice President: Melanie Fishel
    Student Body Secretary: Laura Warren
    Senior Class President: Makenzie Tuttle
    Senior Class Vice President: Daniel Parmesano
    Senior Class Secretary: Alana Plowden
    Senior Class Representative: Hector Sanchez 
    Junior Class President: Morgan Cook
    Junior Class Vice President: Caitlin Venable
    Junior Class Secretary: Katie Crews
    Junior Class Representative: Blake Briles
    Sophomore Class President: Logan Carter
    Sophomore Vice President: Lindsey Gaither
    Sophomore Class Secretary: Jacob Cook
    Sophomore Class Representative: Katelyn Still