•  Miss K. Chunn and Mrs. Edward's Kindergarten Class
     Welcome to 3rd quarter of the 2015-2016 school year!
    Things we are working on in 2nd quarter:
    Letters and Letter Sounds
    High Frequency Words
    Print Concepts (pointing to each word, framing words, punctuation)
    Reading Simple Stories
    Retelling our stories using key details from the text
    Rhyming Words
    Blending Words (listening for all of the sounds and writing)
     Writing Simple Sentences 
    Adding Details to our writing and our pictures  
    Recognizing Numbers 0-20
    Counting to 30 by ones and tens 
    Counting on from a given number
    Addition and Subtraction to 5
    How many ways to make a number
    How many more to make 10
    Social Studies:
    Maps and Globes 
    If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email me!
    Name: Katie Chunn
    Subject: Kindergarten
    Some Upcoming Dates to Remember:
    December 3rd: Rural Hall Tree Lighting 6:00
    December 7th: PTA Holiday Program 6:00
    December 9th: Science Fair
    December 10th: Candle Tea Field Trip
    December 18th: Winter Class Party
    December 19th-January 3rd- Winter Break NO SCHOOL 
    Some pictures are from SchoolWires, some from AnimationFactory.com and are used with permission or licenses.  All student photos have parent permission.
    picture used from:http://depositphotos.com/8343397/stock-photo-Teddy-Bear-Holding-A-Red-Heart.html