• Name: Mrs. Faith Hollifield
    Subject:  Music Class at Petree Elementary
    music staff
    Hello and Welcome to Music Class 2014-2015!!
    We are going to have so much fun as we learn and make music together!
    Let's learn those rhythms and play them loud!
    Congratulations to the following 5th grade students for being selected to participate in All County Chorus 2015: Nazariah Kellam, Demya Baker-Tate, and Steven Harrison !
     Important upcoming dates:
    February 19 - Curriculum Night - Black History Month
    February 24 - All County Chorus Concert at Reynolds Auditorium
    April 30 at Petree Elementary School Gym: Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Students will be performing their Spring Musical/P.T.A. Night performance entitled "Hats!"  More information will be coming soon - You don't want to miss it!
    In music class at Petree, students are learning about a different composer each month, singing, playing and learning about different instruments, learning to read music, and being introduced to a wide variety of music genres and styles.  Specific curriculum are as follows:
    Kindergarten: Students will learn to keep a steady beat, sing and begin to learn voice control, begin learning the basics of rhythm, play pitched and un-pitched rhythm instruments, learn about dynamics (volume) in music, and prepare songs, speaking parts, and choreography for a spring musical.
    First Grade: Students will continue working with steady beat, learn about more complex rhythms and note identification, play rhythm instruments, continue to build vocal pitch control, and prepare for a spring musical.
    Second Grade: Students are introduced to pitches and solfege (scales, "Do-Re-Mi" etc.), play rhythm instruments and musical games with steady beat, continue to express music using dynamics, pitch, rhythm, and tempo (speed), and prepare for a spring musical.
    Third Grade: Third graders are beginning to focus more on recognizing/id specific notes and interpretting those notes/rhythms into rhythmic sounds and pitches, and earlier in the year, prepared music for a winter musical.
    Fourth Grade: Fourth graders get to combine all their musical knowledge and utilize this knowlege as they begin to play recorder (precursor to band instruments) in class.  They also prepared music for a winter musical.
    Fifth Grade:  Fifth grade students get to continue building/growing their skills on recorder, counting and playing complex rhtyhms , and continue to learn about various elements involved in music reading, and also prepared music for the musical in December.  In May, 5th grade students will take a county-wide music literacy test to assess how well-prepared for middle school music classes they are. This test is not for a grade but is for information purposes only. 
    Getting ready for the future
    Classroom Expectations
    In our music class, I expect all students to have a positive attitude, to do their best, and to participate with ENTHUSIASM!!  Let's come into the room excited, but with the appropriate behavior that shows we are READY TO LEARN and MAKE MUSIC!!

    Self Control: - Only talk, sing, or play when Mrs. Hollifield says it's ok. - Stay in your space unless you have permission to move.
    Outstanding Attitude: - Follow directions the first time they're given. - Be positive!
     A plus Effort In All You Do: -  Always participate! - Do your best!
    Respect: - Yourself - Others - Equipment