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    Name: Mlle. Long
    Subject: French 1-4H

    The 2014 trip to Paris, Nice, Florence, and Rome was exciting!! We were four students, two moms, and one teacher! We joined with three other groups from around the US. We visited the Louvre, Musée D'Orsay, Catacombs, Les Invalides, Notre Dame, took pictures in front of the Eiffel Tour, and watched the sunset behind it! We also took a Seine River cruise at night seeing all the buildings lit up with spectacular lights! From there we took the TGV (high speed train) to Nice. The visit to Nice included a visit to the perfumery in Eze and the Principality of Monaco. We then boarded a bus for the Italian city of Florence, stopping in Pisa to visit the tour and baptistery on the way. We toured Florence, visited the Uffizi museum, the Duomo, and watched a leather making demonstration... oh and shopped!! From there we took a bus to the capital city of Rome where we went to the Vatican and saw the beautiful ceilings of the Sistine Chapel, the Coliseum, the Forum, the Piazzo Nivono, and the Spanish Steps. It was a 10 day whirlwind of excitement, sightseeing, shopping, and let's not forget gelato tasting!!

    WE ARE GOING TO EUROPE IN 2016!!! ALL STUDENTS AND PARENTS ARE INVITED TO GO! You don't have to be enrolled in French to go. All are welcome!
    London and Paris trip 2016 link:
    We will also be visiting Barcelona. It is on our own without the tour company. The estimated cost will be $450 for airfare, hotels, and sites. 

    Classroom Expectations - Please come to class each day ready to learn with a thirst for knowledge in French, a willingness to learn, respect for yourself, your teacher, and your classmates... oh, and a PENCIL.
    Grading Policy- I grade on a 20 point scale. Which means that if you get a 19/20 this is a good grade (a 95), whereas 10/20 is failing (a 50).