•  School Improvement Team 2020-2022
    Reagan High School is committed to serving our students, parents and our community. Our School Improvement Team is committed to vision and beliefs of Reagan High  School. To review the goals and strategies for 2020-2021, go to http://indistar.org/ and use the following credentials to sign in:
    Username: Guest16216
    Password: Guest16216
     In accordance with the Department of Public Instruction, our School Improvement Team is comprised of the following stakeholders: 
    1. Brad Royal - Principal

    2. Maurice Jackson- Admin

    3. Zach Baker- Admin 

    4. Suzanne Hanna-Admin

    5. Brent Atkinson- Admin

    6. Ed Thutt (Chair/Science)

    7. Grace Vaughan (EC/Secretary)

    8. Lauren Fossa (Media/Tech)

    9. Matt Fossa (English)

    10. Robbie Richwine (Vice Chair/World Language)

    11. Joel Cordray (Guidance)

    12. Lee Miller (Social Studies) 

    13. Molly Harwell (Arts)

    14. Matt Vogel (P.E./Health)

    15. Candi Fernandez (Math)

    16. Brad Poindexter (CTE)

    17. Julia Puckett - Admin