School Phone: 336-703-6700
    Rooms: Gym and 402
    PE 2: Class requirements

    Absence Makeup Assignments -
    OPTION 1:
    Please find an article pertaining to physical activity, sport, health.  Then write a 1 page summary and your personal thoughts as to its relevance in your life, or a family member or friends life. 
    OPTION 2:
    Students also have the option of participating in a cardio session BEFORE school. From 8:00 am - 8:30.. This must be setup with Coach Kota in ADVANCE.
    • Sample Daily Schedule
      • Arrive at class before the TARDY bell rings and check in with the teacher for Attendance
      • Immediately go to lockeroom and get changed into PE clothes and lock up all valuables
      • Report to squad lines
      • Warmup - streching, abdominal exercises, pushups, etc...
      • New material presented and skills demonstrated
      • Practicing the skills
      • Using the skills in a small sided game situation
      • Official or modified game
      • Review of material
      • Go to lockeroom and get changed into school clothes and return to gym and WAIT for the bell to ring to move to next class
    • Appropriate dress for physical activity
      • Lower body: mid thigh or lower shorts, sweatpants, windpants, cargo pants,leggings
        • NO pajamas, skirts, dresses, short-shorts
      • Feet: sneakers, tennis shoes, shoes that can get dirty/scuffed/creased
        • NO boots, heels, slippers, just socks, FLIP-FLOPS, SANDALS, CROCS
      • Upper body: t-shirts, sweatshirts, MUST COVER CHEST AND SHOULDER AREA
        • NO spagetti straps, tank-tops, revealing tops, blouses
    • Where do I keep my "school clothes and books" during class?
      • Locks will be issued FREE of charge for use in the lockeroom (you will be assessed a $5.00 charge for a LOST LOCK)
        • Females will be assigned a basket where clothes can be stored throughout the semester
        • Males will have to use a locker during classtime.
    • What do I do with my electronics or other valuables during class (ex. cell phone, IPOD....)
      • We encourage students to not bring these items to class at all because they are considered HIGH THEFT ITEMS.
      • If they are brought they should be locked in their locker or given to the teacher to lock up in a secure location
    • Rules/Expectations
      • RESPECT Yourself, Others, The School, and Property (Damaged equipment may be CHARGED to the student)
      • Participate in ALL activities to the best of your ability (Our Goal is to expose each student to a variety of Physical Activities)
      • Practice encouranging behavior and appropriate ettiquette (No "picking" on others, "trash talking" etc....)

    Schedule for Semester 1 A DAY 2015-16 FALL:

    Period 1: 8:55-10:25 - PE 2 - Team Sports
    Period 2: 10:30-12:00 - PE 2 - Team Sports

    Period 3: 12:05-1:35 - PLANNING

    Period 4: 2:10-3:40- PE 2 -Team Sports
    Schedule for Semester 1 B DAY 2015-16 FALL: 
    Period 1: 8:55-10:25 - PE 2 - Team Sports
    Period 2: 10:30-12:00 - PE 2 - Individual Sports

    Period 3: 12:05-1:35 - PLANNING

    Period 4: 2:10-3:40- PE 2 - Team Sports


    Who is Coach Kota?

    High School: Gowanda High School , Gowanda NY (1986-1990)
    Gowanda High School - click for larger image

    High School Activities: Wrestling, Lacrosse, Track, Gymnastics, Vice President of Class, Thespians

    Undergraduate College: Lock Haven University , Lock Haven PA (1990-1994)

    **** next to that other university - PENN STATE*****

    Bachelors in Health and Physical Education K-12

    Post Graduate Studies: University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill (1994-1996)

    Masters in Exercise and Sport Science

    National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: Early Adolescent Physical Education (2003, 2013)



    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - gymnastics, tennis, weigh training, bowling (1994-96)
    Orange High School (Hillsbourgh, NC) - PE (1995)

    Holton Alternative Middle School (Durham, NC) - Health and PE 1996-97

    Forbush High School (Yadkin, NC) - Health, PE, Weight Training, Anatomy and Physiology, Drop-out Prevention, Advanced PE (1997-2008)
    Mount Tabor High School (Winston-Salem, NC) - Health and PE, Weightlifting, Life Skills, Team Sports, Individual/Dual Sports, Lifetime Fitness (2009-present)


    Coaching (WRESTLING):

    Stanford Middle School (feeder school for Orange High School) (1995)

    Brogden Middle School (feeder for Riverside High School) (1996)

    Forbush High School (Yadkin County, 2A, Mountain Valley Athletic Conference) (1997-2008)

    5x Conference Champions

    4x Conference Tournament Champions

    65 All Conference Wrestlers

    25 Conference Champions

    35 State Qualifiers

    12 All State Wrestlers

    2 State Champions
    Mount Tabor High School (2009-2015)
    Assistant Coach 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
    Head Coach 2013, 2014, 2015
    * 1st winning season since 2007 in 2013 (19-18), 2014 (25-20), 2015 (34-9)