• Welcome To The Kindergarten Reading Lab! 
    !Parent Read Aloud Day
     I so look forward to meeting you all. Also seeing the Kindergarteners coming soon and eventually catching up with my now 1st graders!
     In the Reading Lab we strive to have fun learning to read and while, we are also addressing all the students needs in smaller group! 
     Scholastic is a great place to find fun, interesting, and some great prices so that your Kindergartners' will be excited and ready to read! My now 1st graders can also find your section which comes up first. Please keep reading and learn all you can! Your children will receive a Reading Lab letier that will be in their teachers packet, folder, that other letters and homework comes home, during this first school week.
     The Lab will not start right as way so their teachers get to know their reading needs. Scholastic Book is a great way to find interecting, fun, and some of them very price friendly. Before I metc with the students, is a link to my bookclub, Reading Lab page. More information will follow, but if the link does not work, go to Scholastic.com and look for book clubs, click on it, then my name, Ms. Poston.