• 2017-2018

    Middle Fork Elementary School

    Parent Involvement Policy


    1. Annual Title One Meeting

    Middle Fork Elementary will host an annual public meeting for all parents and staff members.  This meeting is to inform parents about their rights under the law and to provide them with the information that will allow them to be fully active in their child's education.  This meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. at Middle Fork Elementary School and 6:00 p.m. at the Boys and Girls Club on New Walkertown Road. .  This meeting will allow the parents to discuss and give comments on the School-Parent-Student Compact.  


    1.       Flexible Meetings

    Parents meetings will  be held at different times to make sure that all parents can access


    III.      Involving Parents in an Organized, Ongoing, and Timely Way

    Progress Reports will be sent twice during each quarter.  There will be educating sessions for the parents offered each quarter for assistance with your child’s assessments.  There will surveys, meetings, and activities scheduled to help foster the relationship between teachers and parents.  


    1.      Timely Information

    Parents will receive information on a regular basis through a weekly newsletter, weekly packet, curriculum nights, quarterly report cards, and the Mariner Blog Spot.  Any questions and concerns the parents have will be addressed at each meeting and whenever brought to the attention of the Parent Involvement Coordinator.


    1.        Opportunities for Regular Meetings

    There will be parent meetings held throughout the year along with two face to face parent teacher learning conferences.  Parent surveys will be disturbed and used after all parent events to make sure we are always meeting the needs of the parents.  Parents are given opportunities to give quarterly and annual feedback.


    1.       Providing Parent Comments

    The parent policy is in place to assure that parents have an opportunity to be involved in their child’s education.  Any issues or concerns with the policy will be submitted to the district office. During the Annual Title One Meeting parents are given the opportunity to give feedback and concerns regarding the Parent-School-Student Compact.  


    VII.      School-Parent-Student Compact

    The School-Parent-Student Compact is reviewed each year and any changes that need to be added can be done so at that time.  Parents are given the chance to add any areas that they feel might have been overlooked.  The compact is reviewed at the Title One Annual Meeting in the beginning of the school year. If parents have no issues or concerns then all parents receive a copy of the compact and a signature page that is kept by the school.


    VIII.      Building Capacity for Parental Involvement

    We will provide two Parent Teacher Learning Conferences that will allow parents to have data, student assessments, grades, and other resources shared.  This will give the parent a way to monitor their child’s progress.  There will be a monthly family lunch focus to invite in members of the family and welcome them to the extended family at Middle Fork.


    1.      Providing Materials and Training

    We will provide materials, information, and training to help parents work with their students to improve the students achievement.  Parent Academy will have classes and training sessions each month to focus on literacy, math, technology, science, and other areas as needed for the parents.  A parent resource room will be open at all times for parents to check-out resources that can be used at home.


    1.      Educating teachers and Staff about Collaboration with Parents

    Teachers and Staff will be trained in August 2017 on requirements and effective ways to communicate with their parents.  Throughout the school year teachers and staff will be evaluated on their parental contacts, relationships built with parents, and day to day interaction. The monthly newsletters, school website, mariner weekly blogspot, and connect 5 message system will be used to improve communication and collaboration with parents.


    1.    Coordination and Integration of Parent Involvement Activities

    We will work with the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) to coordinate activities that will foster parent involvement.  McDonald’s Night will be held the 1st Tuesday of each month as a social outing for parents, staff, and students.


    XII.    Ensuring that All Information is Understandable

    All information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities will be sent home in a format and a language that parents can understand.  The Connect 5 message system will  be utilized to communicate with parents who may have limitations in understanding written communications.


    XIII.   Providing Opportunities for Full Participation by All Parents

    We will provide services to make sure that all activities are physically and intellectually accessible to all parents.  Translators will be provided for parents who do not understand English.  Sign language will be provided for hearing impaired parents.  All activities will take place in handicapped accessible locations.