• Name: Ms. Candice Slater
    Subject: 7th Grade Math
    Welcome to 7th Grade Math!
    This is the last quarter of the year. I know that we are all excited that the weather is getting warmer, but we have to stay focused. This quarter we will start with Geometry. We will work on area, perimeter, volume, and surface area. Most of us remember some of this from 6th grade, but we will start a few new things! This year we will work on circles and pyramids. We will dig a litter deeper with angles.
    We hope, by the second week of May, to really start focusing on EOG review. On April 21, the students will be reviewing their Q3 test scores and will be able to recognize which standards they will personally need! We will work on the most needed standards in class, but I really hope that the students use this tool to know what they may want to focus on at home in their spare time.
    Tutoring is offered almost daily. Please contact me if you would like for your child to stay!
    Please feel free to e-mail or call if you have any questions.