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    Mr. Smith's Website is moving!!!!! 
    Please check out Mr. Smith's HAIKU website that will now be updated during the 2016-2017 school year.  
    Material on  this website will no longer be updated as of 8/20/16.
    About Mr. Smith:
    This will be my eighth year of teaching math at Mount Tabor after completing my bachelor (B.A.), master (M.A.) in mathematics , and master (M.A.Ed.) in mathematics education at Wake Forest University. At Wake Forest, I also spent a semester studying abroad at La Universidad de Salamanca in Spain as part of a secondary major in Spanish.
    In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I am entering my seventh year as the men's soccer assistant coach and fourth year as the varsity women's soccer head coach, please check out the Tabor Soccer Links to see how our current teams are doing or if you have an interest in trying out for a team. 
    About Mr. Smith's Website:

    This website provides helpful information to ensure your success in math and will be updated daily to provide up-to-date information. For all students, it is important to check for important dates and deadlines, homework, class handouts, review materials, and solutions. Students are reminded that it is their responsibility when absent to catch up and this website will provide important information to that end as well. 

    This website also provides informational documents such as class syllabus, discipline policy,tutoring schedule, and allows for emailing Mr. Smith. Please take advantage of this website.
    Contact Information for Mr. Smith:
    Email Address: mjsmith@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Main Office Phone Contact: (336) 703 - 6700 ( Please leave a message)
    Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Smith.
    Email is the most preferred and direct means of contacting Mr. Smith.
    Where is Mr. Smith?: 2016 - 2017 Class Schedule


    First Semester

    Second Semester

    1st: 8:55 - 10:25

    Math 1
    Room 506

    Discrete Mathematics
    Room 506

    2nd: 10:30 - 12:00

    Math 3 Honors (A Day)
    Room 506

    Math 3 Honors (A Day)
    Room 506

    3rd: 12:05- 1:35
     (4th Lunch)
    Introductory Mathematics
    Room 506

    Foundations Math 1
    Room 506

    4th: 2:10 - 3:40

    Math 3 Honors (B Day)
    Room 506

    Math 3 Honors (B Day)
    Room 506