•  Standard Mode of Dress for the school year.
    Please click the SMOD brochure for details
    Highlights of SMOD are listed below:
    1. Socks and tights must be solid black, white or navy only. No designs or patterns.
    2. Jackets/outerwear worn in classrooms must be solid white, navy or black only. Students will no longer be able to wear colored sweaters or sweatshirts or designed/patterned outerwear over their colored shirts unless it is a Mineral Springs sweatshirt or hoodie.
    3. Pants must be twill or other fabric that is not stretch or denim (jean fabric). Stretch pants, colored jeans, jeggings, and leggings are not part of the Standard Mode of Dress.
    4. All skirts must be at knee length and cannot be paired with leggings. Leggings are not permitted.
    5. All shirt tails must be worn inside the pants, shorts, capris or skirts.
    6. Cargo pants and cargo shorts are not allowed.