• Smith Farm Elementary building


    100% of students will show at least a year of academic growth and grow emotionally by taking ownership of their learning.


    Smith Farm Elementary values each learner and their contributions to the school.

    Smith Farm Elementary values teaching the whole child, including academic, social, and emotional learning.

    Smith Farm Elementary values a caring, harmonious, and kind learning environment.

    Smith Farm Elementary values instilling students with critical thinking skills.

    Smith Farm Elementary values preserving and maximizing instructional time.

    Smith Farm Elementary values utilizing Restorative Practices in order to resolve conflict and teach discipline and responsibility.

    Smith Farm Elementary values teachers as community leaders.

    Smith Farm Elementary values developing students as community leaders.

    Smith Farm Elementary values preparing students for a rapidly changing world.


    Smith Farm Elementary promotes a global perspective by preparing and motivating our students for a rapidly changing world. We focus on teaching the whole child through academic, social, and emotional learning while fostering leadership skills. We strive to instill critical thinking skills, respect and appreciation for others, and a sense of community responsibility.




    Theme: Global Studies
    Each grade specializes in one continent:
    Kindergarten: North America
    1st Grade: Africa
    2nd Grade: Europe
    3rd Grade: South America
    4th Grade: Asia
    5th Grade: Oceania
    Hours: 7:30 am (doors open), 7:55 am (tardy bell), 2:25 pm (dismissal)
    School Colors: Blue and Green
    School MascotSmitty the Owl
     Smitty the Owl
Last Modified on December 6, 2022