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                                                                                                  Christina Brooke Young-Long  (8th grade girls coach) 
     Science Year III &
    Earth and Environmental Science
            room 115
         I look forward to a new and challenging year of science with your child. Your child will engage in  inquiry-based instruction as a way of developing conceptual understandings of the science content that is vital for success in the twenty first century. The process of scientific inquiry, experimentation and technological design will be imbedded in the core concepts drawn from physical science, earth science and life science. This seamless process will reinforce in your child the notion that "what" is known is inextricably tied to "how" it is known. Our classroom will emulate "hands/on" "minds/on".
         Both Science 8 and Earth and Environmental students alike participate in traditional laboratory experiences to demonstrate how science content is constant, historic, probabilistic and replicable. Students will find there are no fixed steps that scientists follow, scientific investigations usually involve collections of relevant evidence, the use of logical reasoning, the application of imagination to devise hypotheses, and explanations to make sense of collected evidence. Your child  using the International Baccalaureate global contexts and objectives will develop their scientific process skills for inquiry in ACTIVE experiences. These process skills support the development of reasoning and problem-solving abilities that are at the core of scientific methodologies.
           Specific scope and sequences of courses can be found under the tabs: Science 8 & Earth and Environmental