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  • Our Curriculum 


    The curriculum for our Pre-Kindergarten program is called, "The Creative Curriculum." This curriculum is designed for early childhood programs serving children ages 3-5. Based on a firm foundation of research, it also meets new requirements for addressing academic content appropriately. The two features that distinguish The Creative Curriculum® from other approaches are: the curriculum framework which is a unique organizing principle that promotes informed decision-making by teachers and the focus on interest areas. The framework defines the vital role of the teacher in connecting content, teaching, and learning for preschool children.

    Our Pre-K Program

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    Our PreK classrooms are part of the North Carolina Prekindergarten Program (NCPK). We use The Creative Curriculum® as our guide and North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and development is considered our "Standard Course of Study"; these are the objectives upon which our activity plans are based.  We believe in learning through play. It is our belief that PreK is the foundation for all future learning. Our goal in PreK is to provide developmentally appropriate activities and experiences. As PreK teachers, we are committed to providing an environment that fosters the development of the whole child-social/emotional, physical, intellectual, and linguistically. While encouraging exploration of the environment we will also foster the development of each child's ability to think, learn, and become lifelong learners.

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    At Ibraham Elementary School, we have two Pre-K classrooms for students who are four years old by August 31, 2019. Enrollment in our Pre-K classes is not through Ibraham but through Smart StartThe separate NC Pre-K Application process can be found on the WSFCS Pre-Kindergarten webpage WSFCS Pre-Kindergarten Information.

    101 Ways to Praise a Child

    WOW*Way to Go*You're special*Outstanding*Excellent*Great*Good*Neat*Well Done*Remarkable*

    I knew you could do it*I'm proud of you*Super Star*Nice Work*Looking Good*You're on top of it

    *You're catching on*Now you've got it*You're a winner*

    You make me happy*Hip,Hip,Hooray*You'reimportant*Magnificent*Beautiful*Fantastic*

    You're on Target*You're on your way*How nice*You're spectacular*You're daring*Super*

    Super Job*BeautifulWork*Good for you*Nothing can stop you now*Dynamite*

    You're fantastic*Awesome*You're precious*Fantastic Job*Beautiful Work*Good for you*

    You've discovered the secret*Bingo*Great discovery*You're a real trooper*Marvelous*Terrific*

    You're growing up*Outstanding performance*You tried hard*You figured it out*

    What a good listener*You're a treasure*You mean a lot to me*You're a good friend*

    That's correct*A big hug*What an imagination*You learned it right*You're incredible*

    Now you're flying*Bravo*Beautiful*I like you*

    I respect you*You're sensational*Phenomenal*A+ Job*Hooray for you*You're unique*You care*

    Creative job*You belong*You brighten my day*Super work*That's the best*You made my day*

    Say "I love you"*Beautiful sharing*You mean the world to me*You're important*

    You've got a friend*You're a joy*You make me laugh*You're A-Okay*My buddy*I trust you*

    You are perfect*You're wonderful*A big kiss*Exceptional performance*Yahoo for you*

    You're reaching the top*Alright*Wowie*Super star*

    P.S. A smile is worth a thousand words!!!

  • Pre-K Supply List

    • 1 plastic pencil box
    • 1 box of crayons (8 or 16 count)
    • 1 box of washable markers
    • 2 packs of wide pencils
    • 10 glue sticks
    • 2 (vinyl/plastic) folders with prongs
    • 1 book bag with no wheels
    • Set of Seasonal Change of clothes (plastic bag with name)
    • 2 boxes of tissues
    • 2 box plastic of Ziploc bags (sandwich, gallon, or quart)
    • 1 bottle of sanitizer
    • 1 hypoallergenic wipes or baby wipes
    • 1 towel size blanket
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