• Name:             Mme Cameron B. Schwenn, MS
    Subjects:        French 6th, 7th and 8th grade; World Languages-8th grade  
    Tutoring:         Wednesday 2:00-3:00
    Contact info:   cbschwenn@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    le drapeau francais Bonjour.  Welcome to language studies at TJMS.  This is my 19th year in education and my 5th year in NC.  I started my career teaching middle and high school French in Madison, Wisconsin and then transitioned into K-12 school counseling in 2002.  I spent a year living in France as a college student and I have traveled to France with teachers as well as chaperoned student groups throughout my career. 
    My approach to language study is through immersion.  Students will progress through their language learning in the following sequence:  listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Culturally appropriate activities are also embedded throughout our lessons. 
    Education                                      BA French and Economics, Guilford College
    Certification                                   French, University of Wisconsin Madison 
    MS Counseling Psychology          University of Wisconsin Madison
    Licensure:                                     K-12 French; K-12 School Counseling
    I.  Classroom expectations-Arrive prepared, on time, with workbook/homework, and a positive attitude..                                                                                                                     
    II.  Homework policy-Homework is given for practice on a regular basis.  A minimal amount of practice every day (oral or written) is important in language learning. Students with excused absences will be given an extra class period to complete homework.  Late homework will be accepted for partial credit. Sometimes, students will be asked to practice their new vocabulary at home orally. Please encourage your students to try their new language skills at home!                                                                          
    III.  Grading policy-Total points in a quarter.  Homework is graded for completion and not accuracy (usually worth 5-10 points)  Quizzes and tests are usually worth 10-20 points and chapter tests and projects are worth more. Extra credit is available to students who have completed all their assignments.