• Reading Study Skills--It's not worksheets, it's real life.  
    Welcome to Reading Study Skills.  Our class is an individualized approach to reading education. Students will work in flexible groups based on their reading and writing needs. Students will be expected to build on existing understandings of literary vocabulary and analysis. The ultimate goal of Reading Study Skills is to help students become more proficient and confident readers.
    Check the calendar for an overview of upcoming topics of study/events in class.  I'll try to update it weekly, on Fridays.  Know that I am always available via e-mail  and am happy to return phone calls after 2PM.   
    Contact Info:  If you need to contact Mrs. McKenney, you can do so via e-mail at rjmckenney@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or by calling EFMS at 336.703.6765
    Classroom Expectations:

    In order to ensure success for each member of our class, you should:

    1)    Behave as a Righteous Raven, demonstrating PRIDE & following EFMS expectations.

    2)    Be respectful of your classmates, your teacher, and yourself. You must also respect the content (or topic) we are learning about. At times, we may read about and discuss sensitive social issues, and you will be expected to behave in a mature, respectful manner. Intolerance will not be accepted.

    3)    Participate in every part of class.