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    Welcome to my webpage.  I hope that this information will be helpful to you. 
    This marks my 35th year as a classroom teacher.  I have taught middle school and high school and have found both to be challenging and rewarding.  I graduated from Meredith College with degrees in English and Spanish and received teacher certification in both areas.  In my tenure as a teacher, I have enjoyed teaching both subjects.  It is my desire as a Spanish teacher that students develop a love of the language and realize the joy of being able to communicate with people of different cultures. 
     When not busy with classroom demands, I enjoy gardening and working in my yard.  I also spend lots of time as a volunteer with AARF (Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation), a local animal rescue organization.  I get great pleasure from working to better the lives of helpless and abandoned animals in our community.  I share my home with several of the "gatos" who managed to work their way into my heart.
    SAM   Sam