Dress Expectations for Middle School Students

    Standard Mode of Dress (SMOD)



    All Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy middle school students must adhere to the Standard Mode of Dress in solid colors ONLY every school day.  Transparent or translucent wear is not acceptable.


    Upper Wear Clothing (Any Solid Color shirt with a Collar):

    The following are approved upper wear clothing:

    1. Only short sleeve or long sleeve polo style shirts with a collar or WSPA approved school spirit gear.
    2. During cold weather, students may wear solid color thermal under-gear beneath their polo shirt. In addition, during cold weather, students may wear button-down cardigan style sweaters as on top of approved shirts; however, shirt collar and/or school logos should be visible.  Pullover or hooded sweatshirts are not permitted.  All heavy jackets and coats must be stored in locker before reporting to class.
    3. Shirts cannot have a logo larger than a quarter (25cents coin).

    Shirts, if not tucked inside the lower wear, must not hang below the wrist when one’s arm is extended down while standing.  Transparent or translucent wear is not acceptable.


     Lower Wear Clothing (Khaki fabric only in Solid Color – Tan, Black, or Gray):

    The following are approved lower wear clothing:

    1. All lower wear must be in khaki fabric.
    2. Only khaki fabric pants/trousers, skirts, dress, shorts (no short-shorts), Capri slacks, and jumpers are acceptable.
    3. All lower wear must be in one of the following solid colors: Tan, Black, or Gray.
    4. Belts must be a solid color and worn inside the belt loops. Belt buckles must not be larger than two inches.

    Please do not wear the following to school:  denim like pants, jeans, spandex, nylon leggings, pajama pants, sweat pants, athletic pants, mesh wear, translucent/transparent wear, and items with holes.  Skintight clothing and clothing dragging on the floor will not be tolerated.  Lower wear must be as long as the tip of the middle finger with one’s arm extended down while standing. 


     Consequences for Violating the Standard Mode of Dress

    1. School will contact parent/guardian concerning the violation of the SMOD.  Student will be assigned to in-school suspension until parent/guardian brings approved clothing.
    2. School will arrange a meeting with student’s parent/guardian to discuss the infraction and expectations.
    3. Student will be placed in in-school suspension room for the entire day.
    4. Student will be suspended from school for repeated violation of SMOD.