• Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy

    Dress Code for Students

    Appropriate and non-distracting attire shall be worn in the educational setting.  This includes off-campus activities such as field trips, performances, and school-sponsored events.


    1. Skirts and shorts must be worn at least three (3) inches from the knee when standing (Leggings or tights do not substitute for length). Pass the fingertip test – longer than extended finger tips.
    2. Shirts with sleeves for young men.
    3. Clothing must cover undergarments.
    4. Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the waist.
    5. Straps on young ladies’ tops must be the width of her “three fingers.”
    6. Proper undergarments and supports must be worn.


    1. Hats and sunglasses must not be worn in the building! Any violation will result in confiscation of the items.
    2. Head coverings such as bandanas, scarves, and wraps (etc.)
    3. Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, tops with string straps, and plunging necklines that expose cleavage
    4. Bare midriffs and backs
    5. See through garments
    6. Sheer leggings/jeggings and tights worn as pants or underneath an inappropriate skirt
    7. Bedroom shoes, bare feet, lounge wear, pajamas, and blankets
    8. Excessively long wallet/pocket chains (longer than 6 inches)
    9. “Sagging” pants are prohibited. Sagging is identified as pants that are not worn at the waist.
    10.  Clothing that promotes tobacco, alcohol or other drugs
    11.  Clothing that promotes guns, violence, gangs, sex, or disrespect to                  


    1. Rips, tears, holes and worn places in clothing must be no higher                 

                three (3) inches above the knee

    1. The display of obscene or profane language or gestures on clothing                             

                may result in an out-of-school suspension.  Also, while the

                displayed message may not be obscene or profane, the message

                conveyed may still be deemed inappropriate and students

                will be asked not to wear the clothing.


    All students are asked to refrain from hair styles/colors that are potentially distracting in a school setting (Any action related to hair styles/colors is at the discretion of administration.).


    The administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of clothing and/or appearance and reserves the right to prohibit students from wearing any articles of clothing or other items which lead to, or may foreseeably result in, the disruption of or interference with the school environment.  In the event the administration determines a student’s attire is inappropriate for school in accordance with this policy, the administration will require the student to change and will inform the student not to wear the garment to school again.