• Name: Kim Hernandez
    Subject: 6th grade Science and Social Studies
    Welcome to Science and Social Studies 2015-16
        Hello to all new 6th grade students.  We will be busy this year learning about different areas of science and social studies.  We will start off the year in science getting to know each other, the class rules and procedures and  going over the scientific method.  The rest of the quarter will be spent learning about sound and light, forces and motion, and energy waves.  We will talk about how we see light and color and how different waves travel.  In social studies, we will begin focusing on geography, map skills, and then learning about early man.   For each unit we cover the students will keep a pocket folder to hold hand outs and notebook paper.  For science and social studies  please buy a 100 page spiral notebook with a pocket in the front or a 3-5 subject spiral notebook, notebook paper( a couple packs), pencils, colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, index cards and a hand held pencil sharpener.  Kleenex, hand sanitizer and ziplock bags are welcome.    This may be in addition to any other needed school supplies.  We will be keeping interactive notebooks for both science and social studies this year.  The students will use the above materials almost daily in both classes.  I will have some supplies for them to use in class also but it is easier for each student to have their own. 
       As I get information for the new school year I will update this site.  Over the summer you can take advantage of going to the NASA site for kids, science kids, study jams, and take a trip out to Sci Works or the Greensboro Science museum.  It is always fun to look for interactive science museums in your travels this summer.  Raleigh has a science museum and the Georgia Aquarium is great.  It is also fun to go to all of the wonderful state parks and visit the education centers!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer, I look forward to meeting you soon.
    Please be sure to check this website's homework page for homework assignments in both science and social studies.  Also the update section will keep you posted on any upcoming events, trips and school/class information you may need to know.
    OPEN HOUSE  is on August 18th from 12:30-3:30 for 6th graders.  This will be a time to visit your classrooms, see where everything is in the building and get a feel for middle school.  There is also a bunch of papers you can fill out and leave with me so it doesn't become homework!  There is also a time to come in from 5:30-7:30 that night.  Hope to see you then. 

       Fourth Quarter Science 

       This quarter will start with ecosystems.  We will talk about what makes up an ecosystem and what a biome is. We will also talk about food chains and webs.  What consumers, producers and decomposers do in the system and how everything flows together.   The students should have had this in 5th grade but we will talk about it more in depth.  There will be a project or two with this unit.  You may want to save a shoebox and a 2 liter plastic bottle for this.  Following ecosystems will talk about plants. This should be a fun unit for the students and they should have some good background knowledge from elementary school.  Please make sure your child has pencils, paper, glue, scissors, and colored pencils or crayons to use.  We are also in need of kleenex (help allergy season).  We are down to our last box.  Your child may or may not need a new spiral notebook or more paper for their folder if they are keeping one for worksheets etc.  Since we don't have a textbook the only thing they really have to study from is the notes from class and the handouts they get from me.  Coming in prepared helps greatly.  Right now the last day of school will be on June 13th.  Have a wonderful spring break and see everyone afterwards.
    Third Quarter Science
    This quarter we will start by talking about energy conservation.  We will cover how heat is transferred by conduction, convection and radiation.  We will learn about electricity and energy.  We will do some projects to go along with these concepts.   We will then move into plants. 
       I want to thank everyone who has sent in classroom items.  We are still in need of pencils number 2 pencils, glue sticks, sandwich size ziploc bags, wipes and tissues. 
       Check the updates section for reminders this quarter and any other upcoming information.
    Thank you for your support
    Ms. Hernandez