Class Expectations

  • Students must always follow schoolwide classroom rules and always: ROCK: Respect, Observe safety, Choose Responsibility, and Keep focused


    Cell Phone Policy (See Student Handbook)

    Students may carry a cell phone to school for the purpose of being contacted by their parents/guardians after school hours. However, all student cell phones must remain in the “off” position at all times during school hours, and they must be kept inside of the student’s locker or book bag / purse. The phone must be out of clear view from any staff member. If the student takes his/her cell phone out of his/her locker before the final locker break, or if the phone rings during school hours, the cell phone will be confiscated by a staff member and returned to the student at the end of the day (first offense)or returned to the parent (second offense). If a student’s phone is confiscated more than twice, that student will lose the privilege of bringing a cell phone to school for the rest of the school year. If we confiscate the phone for a third time during the school year, the child will be written up and receive appropriate consequences. FRMS is not responsible for cell phones that are lost, misplaced, or damaged. Using cell phones during the school day is a violation, including using them in the restroom. When a student retrieves their phone after final locker break it must remain out of clear view from any staff member until they have exited the building. Students may not use cell phones on the school bus.

    Arrival to Class

    • Students line up outside of our classroom and enter when instructed by teacher at Voice Level 1 (Whisper)
    • Students will find their assigned seat, get out appropriate materials for class, and start immediately on their warm up activity.

    Dismissal from Class    

    • Teacher will begin closing class 5 minutes before the bell to check for understanding and cleanup area.
    • Students will be dismissed by teacher discretion when instructed at Voice Level 1 (Whisper).
    • Students will proceed to the next class and line up by the door within 3 minutes.

    Class Activity

    • Students will look at the teacher and remain quiet and remain at their seats during teacher direct instruction.
    • Groups/Pairs-Students will maintain appropriate Voice Level 2, stay on task, and remain at seat unless otherwise instructed.
    • Students will work independently at a Voice Level 0 and will raise their hands if they need assistance. Students will remain at their seats unless otherwise instructed by teacher.
    • Students must clear their desks for all tests/quizzes and remain silent until the last student has finished.


    • Students will move only when directed by the teacher. (Get materials, sharpen pencil, leave class, go to restroom, etc.)


    • Independent- Voice Level 0
    • Groups/Pairs- Voice Level 2
    • Test/Quiz- Voice Level 0
    • Arrival/Dismissal- Voice Level 1
    • Presentation- Voice Level 3 for the presenter and Audience
    • Voice Level 0


    • Students will be rewarded for appropriate behavior through both classroom and grade level rewards periodically through PBIS incentives

    Classroom Infractions:

    • Student warning/redirection
    • Student conference/Parent Telephone call
    • After school detention/silent lunch
    • Office referral for repeated rule violations