• Team Warriors Classroom Expectations

    We firmly believe that all students can behave appropriately; therefore, we will not tolerate any behavior that will prevent us from teaching and/or the students from learning.  We feel strongly that, with a concerted effort, all students can be successful, and we pledge ourselves to help each of our students to achieve to the best of his or her ability. 

    Our team rules are as follows:

    ·        Uphold your five “Blueprints for Success” commitment and our “Code of Conduct”

    ·        Arrive on time

    ·        Bring all materials

    ·        Complete all assignments

    ·        Raise your hand to speak & before leaving your seat

    ·        Treat school, teachers, other students and personal property with respect

    Our discipline procedure includes 4 steps:

    ·      Warning/ Redirection

    ·        Student conference and parent telephone call

    ·        Student restitution/ loss of privilege (may include silent lunch, working lunch assignment, student public apology, restitution, after school detention with teacher or homework center) and parent conference scheduled 

    Office referral (D1 slip) for repeated rule violation (Note: Any of the above steps may be skipped depending upon the severity or repetition of the offense.  This process is outlined in your handbook under “Office Managed” behaviors.)