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    Writing portion of the  celebrity adjective  mini-poster:

    La persona famosa que me gusta más se llama ________________.  Es ____________ y _____________.  Le gusta __________________ pero no le gusta _______________.  No es ni ___________ ni _____________.

    Blank 1: Celebrity name

    Blanks 2 and 3: adjectives (like inteligente, perezoso, etc.)

    Blanks 4 and 5: verbs (like cantar, bailar, correr, etc.)

    Blanks 6 and 7: adjectives (like inteligente, perezoso, etc.) 

    Each student should have a picture of the celebrity  and 4 pictures that show the adjectives that s/he used in the writing.  These can be drawings.




    We also have a personal poem project due that should look like this:

    Soy ______________.  En general soy ______________ y ________________.  A veces soy ______________ , _____________ o _____________.

    No soy ni __________________ ni ___________________.  Yo soy yo.

    Blank 1: Student name

    Blanks 2 and 3: adjectives that s/he is 

    Blanks 4, 5 and 6: adjectives that s/he sometimes is 

    Blanks 7 and 8: adjectives that s/he is not 

    Each student should include a drawing or picture of him/herself and 7 pictures showing the adjectives that s/he used in the writing.

    4th Quarter Progress Reports will go home for the 1st time this quarter on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 for A-day classes and on Thursday, May 1st, 2014 for B-day classes.  Progress reports are expected to be signed and returned with any late work and written requests for missing work.  Late work must be returned by Friday, May 30th, as our testing window begins the following Monday, and I am unsure of the class meeting dates and times after that point.
    J. Ashley Garcia
    6th Grade Spanish - SEMS and CMS  and Spanish I - WFHS 
    Contact info
    Email:  jagarcia@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Phone:  SEMS - 336-703-4219
                                                                                                             CMS - 336-703-4217
                                                                                                             WFHS - 336-712-4400
    **If you need to contact me, please be aware that I am working from three different schools this year.  Email will be the most efficient way for you to get in touch with me.**