Name: Bill Dinkins
    Subject: Civics and Economics
    Contact info: bdinkins@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Room 500
     First Semester                                          Second Semester
    1st Period-Civics Std                      1st Period-Civics Sem
    2nd Period-Civics Sem                   2nd Period-Civics Std
    3rd Period-Civics Hon                    3rd Period-Civics Sem
    4th Period-Planning                        4th Period-Planning
    Possible topics-students will come to understand how governments and economies work and are related both in the US and globally
    Classroom Expectations-Students are EXPECTED  to come to class, to learn, to ask questions, and THINK, not memorize
    Rules/Regulations-Students will come prepared to class everyday, be expected to participate in class, and turn in work when due.  If student is absent on day assignment is due,the work is due the day  the student returns to school.  Excused absences will be given full credit if turned in upon return.  All unexcused absences and late work will be given half credit at most
    Grading Policy-All work will be for credit. Tests, research papers, essays will be weighted more heavily than worksheets or class work
    Attendance-Atttendance is expected. Too many absences may and can result in the student not being proficient and have to retake the course prior to graduation. If you are absent from class, you should e-mail me to find out any specifics that you missed or if you are going to be out a few days then to have work ready for someone  to pick up for you
    Tutoring will be available before school upon student request