• Welcome

    Dear Parents and Students,


    Welcome! I am anticipating a great new school year. I want every student to experience success in my class.

    Here are my Classroom behavior expectations:  

                            Respect your teacher, your classmates, and yourself.

                            Take responsibility for your work, your words, & your actions.

                            Practice integrity in all you do.

                            Bring an attitude that reflects how you want to be treated.


    Students will participate in real world learning through group/class work, hands-on experiences, and digital lesson plans. I would like students to see the life learning value in the information they will be presented.

    Here are my Class work expectations:

                            Bring your necessary materials every day.

                            Complete your assignments on time.

                            Keep personal and classroom materials neat and organized.


    Class attendance is an essential part of being a successful student.*

    Here are my Attendance expectations:

                            Daily participation grades are given.

                            Make up work is the student's responsibility to acquire.

    Excused absence make-up work must be submitted in 3 school days, unless other arrangements are made.                           


    Classroom and homework assignments are not optional.

    Here are my Assignment expectations:

                            On time submission is 10% of the assignment grade.

                            10% drop in grade for each day late assignment submission.

                            Grading:  A(100-90), B(89-80), C(79-70), D(69-60), F(59-0).


    I pledge to treat each student fairly and with value. I will provide the assistance necessary for every student to achieve personal success in my class. I look forward to working with each of you as we study the curriculum together. Please feel free to email me or call the main office with any questions or concerns you may have about the class or your student. My goal will be to get back with you by the end of the day.



    Thank you.    

    Melissa Maltba


    (336)703-6776 main office



    *If a high school student is absent from school or any class five time (three for Career Center) during a grading period (whether or not the absences are excused or unexcused), the student’s absences are considered excessive and several actions will be considered, including whether to give the student an incomplete or a grade of F for the course. (Pg 7, 2012-2013 Student-Parent Handbook)

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