• Name: Linda Bohland
    Subject: Reading K-5, Writing K-5, Math K-5
     Welcome to my webpage!
    My name is Linda Bohland and I am so excited to start my first year at Lewisville Elementary.. This is my 23 year of teaching Exceptional Children in the areas of Reading and Writing and Math.
    I graduated from East Carolina University with a BS degree in Special Education and Appalachian State University with a Master's Degree in Reading Education. I have worked with students in all areas of Special Education and in all grade levels. Working here at Lewisville is both challenging and rewarding!
    Some of the students I serve here are working in  program called Corrective Reading or Reading Mastery. They are research based programs that has proven to be very effective with children with reading difficulties. I have used these programs for many years with very good results. Please ask your children about it. Already several groups have taken mastery tests and done very well.
    One of the very best ways to help your child improve in reading is to read to them and listen to them read to you daily. Have them read signs as you travel on daily trips, labels in the grocery store, the menu at restaurants etc. Reading opportunities are everywhere. Make it fun and exciting and help them develop a love for reading.
    Please feel free to contact me if you ever have questions or concerns. I'll be glad to show you what we do everyday.
    Please always remember that you as a parent  grandparent or guardian are your child's first and most important teacher.