• Miss Katie Jo Mayfield
    Room 1014 
    1st Semester Schedule F2015:
    1st period: English II Honors
    2nd period: Planning
    3rd period: English II
    4th period: English II Honors
    2nd Semester Schedule S2016:
    1st period: English I Honors
    2nd period: Planning
    3rd period: English II
    4th period: English II
    Tutoring Times: 
    Tutoring is available after school Monday-Thursday (3:45-4:15) and before school Monday-Wednesday (8:15-8:50).
    I am always available to answer any questions about the material or help with assignments.  
    Welcome to an exciting semester in our classroom! Below you will find an overview and text list for your appropriate curriculum, followed by required supplies, my grading scale, and my contact information. Please reference the course syllabus and guidelines that was distributed at open house below.
    Throughout the semester, students and parents may stay updated with assignments and due dates via my calendar. All class documents and notes will be posted and updated frequently under the documents page per your course/course level. I also utilize Remind 101 to keep students and parents informed of major due dates and other reminders.
    Reference the Remind 101 sign up instructions here:
    Spring Semester:
    1st Period       
    4th Period                

    English I Course Overview:
    In English I, we will be focusing on the classics and working to develop mastery in the many facets of the English language.  Particular focus will be placed in areas of textual evaluation, analysis, standard grammar usage, vocabulary, and writing. Based on the Common Core Standards for North Carolina and the objectives of the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools system, students will become proficient in understanding and conceptualizing textual information in such a way that will equip them with the necessary tools to thrive in our language-based culture.
    Possible Texts: 
                        Animal Farm  Romeo and Juliet  The Odyssey  Lord of the Flies  
                       The Pearl   12 Angry Men  To Kill a Mockingbird  Old Man and the Sea

    English II Course Overview: 
    Throughout the semester, English II will consist of studying classical and contemporary world literature in order to broaden each student’s outlook and develop his or her proficiency in areas of vocabulary, grammar, and language usage.  Students will be asked to respond to pieces of literature through multiple means of assessment throughout the course, including an extensive research project, according to state and local guidelines.  Furthermore, students will prepare for the North Carolina End of Course Test measured by the Common Core Curriculum.
    Possible Texts: 
                            Oedipus Rex  Night  Cyrano de Bergerac  Tolstoy
                            Les Miserables  The Epic of Gilgamesh  Myths and Folktales  The Count of Monte Cristo

    Grading Breakdown:                                       Grade Scale:
    Tests/Formal Papers/Projects: 40%                     100 - 90    A
    Quizzes: 30%                                                         89 - 80     B
    Classwork/Homework: 25%                                 79 - 70     C
    Participation: 5%                                                   69 - 60     D
                                                                                    59 -  0      F
    Supply List:
    1. A PLANNER!!
    2. 3-ring binder with dividers
    3. An active email account (one is provided through the school system)
    4. Optional flash drive
    5. Paper (loose leaf)
    6. Pens with dark ink and #2 pencils
    7. Colored pencils or markers or crayons
    8. Computer access 
    9. A positive, ready-to-work attitude! 

    "I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we're reading doesn't wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading it for? So that it will make us happy, as you write? Good Lord, we would be happy precisely if we had no books, and the kind of books that make us happy are the kind we could write ourselves if we had to. But we need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us. That is my belief." -Franz Kafka


    About Miss Mayfield:

    I graduated from Elon University, receiving a B. A. in English and Secondary Education, and this is my third year teaching at West Forsyth.  I enjoy painting and fun at the lake/beach!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by any of the options below:  
    School Phone: (336) 712-4400
    School Fax: (336) 712-4416
    Email: kjmayfield@wsfcs.k12.nc.us