• Name: William Hardin
    Subject: Physical Education 
    Contact info: wrhardin@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Welcome IB Speas BEES!

    In Physical Education, all students benefit from learning skills at different levels, participation in a variety of lifetime activities, and learning how to keep our bodies healthy and strong. As an IB PYP School, we explore many international sports and activities that are popular around the world and we make connections to grade level Units of Inquiry.

    Some of the sports explored in PE in previous years are Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Pickleball, Handball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, and Football.

    At Speas Global Elementary, we want to expose our students to a variety of physical activities and sports that they can pursue throughout their lives as an avenue for a healthy lifestyle. Several studies have demonstrated the positive effects of exercise on learning, memory, productivity, energy, and general overall happiness. Our students work at their own level so that every child is successful. Our goal is to motivate our #IBSpeasBees to become physically active regularly. We want to to instill a love for movement by teaching lifetime activities and by being a positive role model.
Last Modified on October 24, 2022