When in art class all students are expected to
    1. Follow directions and listen for instructions.
    2. Always work at a reasonable voice level, 0 to enter and 1 to work.
    3. Respect others, teachers, and themselves.
    4. Show bulldog POWER...polite, on-task, wise, encouraging, and responsible.
    5. ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST, not everyone can draw, but everyone can try and learn from their experiences.
    In art when students do not follow the class expectations.....
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. PBIS referral form( these write-ups are added in with classroom behaviors for their regular teachers, it is possible to recieve multiple in one class period.)
    3. Parent Contact ( If poor behaviors are persistant home contact will be made to correct the issue)
    4. D1 Office Referral ( these write- ups are for SERIOUS offences or ongoing negative behaviors)
    All students enter art class at varying levels of skill. Not all students will like art and that is ok, all children are different. However, ALL students are expected to participate and try their best. No improvement can ever be made by not working towards it. Therefore, grades in art class are based on Participation, Class Behavior, and Work Completion. Students will recieve either a S, N, or U based on these criteria.
    If you ever have any questions and need to contact me, you can reach me at the school by either phone or e-mail.
    phone: (336) 703-6788
    Thanks so much and hope your child is enjoying ART class as much as I am.